In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the group of people I hope to build great, mutually-beneficial relationships with through the different Intellectual Rebel platforms. I refer to these people as “the remnant” because there are few who meet the following criteria:

  1. Self-aware enough to think for themselves
  2. Yearn for progress and are solution-focused
  3. Take action on logical ways to find progress

In the podcast, I reference a page from the Explicit Version of iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 entitled, “3 Levels of Energy,” to give a simple, real-life example showing how your perception determines your internal energy level.


3 Levels of Energy (Excerpt from the iSin: Upgrade To Life 2.0 Audiobook)

There were three family members about to eat breakfast when TRAGEDY strikes via all their toast getting burned, and EVEN WORSE the room smells of burned toast. All three people just woke up so their “awakened moods” were all equal. The person with Level 1 Energy COMPLAINS by saying, “FUCK, can something just go right for once?” This person dwells in a “perceived negative (wrong)” and is on the path to having a “bad day.” The person with Level 2 Energy says, “That’s okay and throws the toast away.” This person doesn’t see “negative (wrong)” and is on the path to having a “good day.” The person with Level 3 Energy takes a big whiff of the burned toast smell, smiles, and says, “That smell of burned toast reminds me of when Granny burned that pecan pie that one Christmas. Y’all remember that Christmas? That was one hell of a Christmas!” The Level 3 Person FEELS and SEES a GOOD memory naturally from the HIGH-ENERGY dwelling within him or her. The Level 1 and the Level 2 Energy person both respond by saying, “Yeah, you are right. That was one great Christmas!” The GOOD memory brought up by the Level 3 Person NATURALLY transforms the Level 1 and Level 2 Energy UP to a higher energy level by getting them to THINK of something GOOD. The Level 3 Person enables the Level 1 Person to SAVE him or herself from having a “bad day” by simply enabling the Level 1 Person to THINK and FOCUS on GOOD; the Level 1 Person ends up having a decent day. The Level 3 Person enhances the “good energy” of the Level 2 Person by enabling the Level 2 Person to FEEL BETTER from bringing up the GOOD memory that was spoken naturally out of the Level 3 Person’s HIGH-ENERGY; the Level 2 Person has a better day. The Level 3 Person THRIVES and LIVES his or her day to the FULLEST!


Furthermore,  your internal energy naturally spreads to those around you, for better or worse. Many people are not capable of thinking for themselves because they are not self-aware. You must become self-aware of your thoughts and your emotions in order to progress them. People who are not aware of their thoughts are the “blind and deaf” Jesus referred to. These people dwell in Level 1 Energy, as mentioned in the previous story. If you happen to resonate with being a complaining, Level 1 Energy dweller, then that is okay! The first step to solving any problem is realizing (becoming aware) that you have one. Now, you have the opportunity to take control of your thoughts, your emotions, and ultimately begin to build whatever life you would like to build for yourself! By simply being enabled to fin a better perspective, especially when something irritating happens to you will enable you to live much more internally healthy life because your thoughts generate your emotions.

Taking it one step further, your emotions attract similar emotions out of others. This is a good example of why it is essential for you to love yourself enough to make your internal well-being your number one priority. Hence, when you are filled with negative, sinful emotions, you attract those similar emotions from others along with spreading your negative emotions to others. On the contrary, when you are filled with positive emotions, you will attract positive emotions out of others while spreading your positive emotions to others. Over time, whatever emotions you predominately dwell in causes you to create your emotional habits. These emotional habits build your habitat or the quality of the environment in your life, for better or worse.