“Solution” Shay Dawkins, host of the Intellectual Rebel Podcast, explains the truth, a global truth, by defining Jesus’s Two Commandments that are not preached, discussed, or emphasized nearly enough. For both the religious and the anti-religious, know that Jesus’s Two Commandments are quite different from the many messages of Christianity. Jesus’s message is truly quite practical yet profound for anyone, regardless of your belief system, because it focuses on showing you where to find true love, how to find it, and how to truly live in love via learning to have a loving relationship with yourself.

When this message is lived actively by anyone, not only will their life get better but the world begins to progress in its entirety. If this message was preached and iterated loudly and clearly in all churches, then a better world for all would begin to manifest. God, consciousness, and awareness (self-awareness) dwells within you. Believe it. True love, your solutions, and your answers dwell within you. Commit to living in a loving relationship with yourself and experience the PROFOUND TRUTH.