Solution Shay Interview:

What is the #1 thing I am better than anyone in the world at?
Diagnosing others’ talents & empowering them to create a life where they are enabled to unleash their talents resulting in a better world for themselves and others.

What is the #1 Value I guarantee to iSin Audiobook listeners and coaching clients of mine?
You will become a better version of yourself.

What differentiates me from other life coaches?
I specialize in increasing one’s self-awareness and enlightenment levels because true, long-term solutions can only be found from within oneself; specifically, through enhancing one’s perception level. Hence, I do not simply share knowledge with my clients because knowledge without action lacks value. I provide my clients with pragmatic, insightful knowledge aka “actionable knowledge” they can easily internalize and take action upon. I integrate this “actionable knowledge” into a customized plan pertinent to their unique situation and the solution(s) they are seeking.

What will you experience from working with me?

  • Immediate Results (beginning the day of our first phone call)You will learn something new about
  • yourself beginning in our initial phone call and henceforth.
  • Increased Self-Confidence & Boldness
  • Expect multiple “aha moments” or personal revelations
  • Increased Internal Energy
  • Increased Internal Strength
  • Increased Productivity Professionally and Personally
  • Increased Problem-Solving Skills for Life
  • The ability to naturally repel any negative people out of your personal life. If you are in a toxic romantic relationship, then a break-up is more than likely going to occur. (i.e. Literally every person I’ve worked with who was in a toxic relationship had a break-up within a relatively short amount of time.)
  • The ability to “see people” for who they really are. A highly valuable trait to possess professionally and personally.
  • The ability to mend and reconcile any broken relationships, if the other party is truly good for you. If the other party is not good for you, then you will attain the ability to officially “move on” because we will remove that emotional burden from your sub-conscious.
  • Fully become aware of the truly limitless potential residing within you; specifically, within your mind through perception enhancement.

In a nutshell, who is my ideal client?

  • Those who are so fed-up with living a mediocre life and not reaching their full potential that they are ready to take action upon simple, pertinent solutions.
  • Those searching for answers to personal (life) problems.
  • Those who may be successful in their career, but who are seeking to be further enhanced because they feel unfulfilled, “burned out,” or simply want to further unleash their talents.

In a nutshell, what is my method?
The “ABC Method.”

  1. Awareness
  2. Build
  3. Conquer