The day people realize that true love, peace, joy and fulfilment can only be found from within themselves is the day people will quit living in sinful, negative perspectives and emotions.

On that day, gun violence or any violence for that matter (especially unjustified violence) will cease to exist.

The change starts with you. One enlightened individual is more powerful than one hundred ignorant individuals.

One lit candle can be seen in an auditorium full of darkness. If you want to see real change, all it takes is enough people one by one to attain their own enlightenment.

Marching, changing laws, or bitching about problems won’t do you, me, or anyone any good. “You can’t fix an internal problem with an external band-aid.”
Here’s a resource guaranteed to awaken and enhance your enlightenment:

This is an Audiobook I created but it’s not about me. This message needs to be heard in every corner of our world, if we want a things to change for the better.

Please, if you enjoy it, share it with a friend and encourage them to spread this wonderful message to a better enlightened world.

Thank you,

– Shay