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 THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP to build is tHE LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU are the source of either POSITIVE or sinful emotions. for better or worse, your thoughts generate your emotions.

Generate LOVE

the positive emotions & characteristics scrolling above are generated from good or positive perspectives. the solution shay brand specializes in challenging & enhancing your mind to perceive at higher, better levels. You are the true source of the positive emotions & characteristics scrolling above. The more elevated you train your mind to perceive, the more elevated your life & the world becomes!

Eradicate HATRED

the sinful emotions & problems scrolling above are generated from sinful or negative perspectives. Thus, when you perceive at the higher levels promoted here, you will avoid living in any sinful emotions. Furthermore, you will become a part of the solution to the above problems. The more you share the messages promoted here, the quicker our world upgrades. Ready for a better world, "World 2.0?"

Highly Recommend!

Sarah G. (Amazon Reviewer)

There is such a noble purpose driving this book! To help us become our best selves. I so enjoyed reading iSin, and the opportunity to reflect while I read. There is so much going on in the world right now, and it can all get overwhelming. BUT, if we focus on loving ourselves, as Dawkins lays out, we can live more fully and be happier! This book is creative, fun, and inspiring! I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to take themselves to the next level in their life.

STOP! Take a moment for yourself

Amazon Customer

Have you ever had those days when you felt that something was out of place? This book helps you to explore you, your inner reaches. Each chapter is like a treasure map leading the reader to find "gems" within themselves along with pointing out the pitfalls that we all encounter in day to day life.. A thought provoking guide to finding the ultimate treasure-a better version of yourself. A must read.

THE Book!

Amazon Reviewer

This book is THE book to jumpstart whatever mindset you need to have or whatever you need to do to get where you want to be. It is very apparent how dedicated the author is for the reader to feel the words. From the songs suggestions to the emphasized words, it is definitely a must read.

10/10 perfect book!

Christina M. Black (Amazon Customer)

This book is fantastic!! It changed the way I see the world around me

This is a good read for people looking to grow out of their...

Amazon Customer

This book will challenge you and your long formed habits and thoughts. Push your thinking to some new limits in several areas. This is a great read for people looking to grow out of their box. Highly recommend.


Amazon Customer

I so love this book. You have to read it to believe how much it will change the way you look at life and your goals. 👍👍👍👍👍amazing amazing book.

iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0

An elite mental regimen empowering you to unleash your limitless potential from within

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Audiobook (Recommended)

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"Solution" Shay Dawkins

Thank you for visiting the site! I live with the goal to build meaningful relationships with people my energy resonates with because I've learned (as a business owner since age 22) that RELATIONSHIPS are the "secret sauce" to life. I am a self-awareness expert and my content will enhance you. I did not "freely choose" this gift. It chose me. I am here to help those who want better to achieve better. Feel free to contact me regarding any ways I may help you reach your goals, by utilizing the Contact Form below!

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